UPDATE – Luxury Resale: Chanel seeks permanent injunction against WGACA 

Written By: Stephanie Williams (IP Lawyer) & Gabriella Fortugno (B.Eng., J.D.)

In February 2024, Chanel™ was awarded $4 million in statutory damages for trademark infringement related to the sale of counterfeit Chanel™-branded products. The courts have not yet granted the equitable remedies sought by Chanel™. As we previously reported, possible equitable remedies include disgorgement (giving profits from the sale of Chanel™ goods to Chanel™) and injunctive relief.  

Chanel™ is now seeking a permanent injunction to prevent WGACA from participating in infringing activities and unfairly competing with Chanel™. Chanel™ aims to prevent consumer confusion by restricting WGACA’s use of Chanel™ trademarks, unauthorized advertising, and the sale of altered or repaired Chanel™-branded products. Chanel™ also intends to restrict WGACA from making claims about the genuineness of Chanel™-branded items without proper documentation. If granted, this may impact resellers’ ability to advertise authenticity without Chanel™-issued documentation. 

The proposed injunction also includes demands for recalling all infringing Chanel™ items WGACA sold to consumers and wholesalers since March 2018. Additionally, Chanel™ is requesting that disclaimers of affiliation be displayed on WGACA’s website and on all physical products, and that photographs of all Chanel™-branded goods with their Chanel™ serial numbers be posted on each Chanel™ sale listing.  

We are eagerly watching for the equitable remedies that could potentially be awarded to Chanel™ and what this will mean for the luxury resale industry.  

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