Luxury Resale: Chanel v. What Goes Arounds Comes Around 

The ongoing trademark dispute between Chanel™ and What Goes Around Comes Around™ (WGACA), a luxury reseller, has been a subject of keen interest within the luxury resale fashion community since March 2018.  Chanel™ accused WGACA of several trademark infractions including the sale of counterfeit goods, false advertising, unfair competition, and misleading consumers.  The allegations against WGACA center on the resale company’s purported deception of consumers through implied connections with Chanel™.

In countering these claims, WGACA explains that use of the Chanel™ trademarks is solely for identifying genuine secondhand products. While the court partially sided with Chanel™ on some trademark infringement matters, it also displayed skepticism toward certain aspects of their claims, distinguishing WGACA as a legitimate reseller of authentic Chanel™ products rather than a competitor selling knockoffs. This distinguishment emphasizes the importance of ensuring that only genuine goods are sold by luxury resellers.

The trademark dispute between Chanel™ and WGACA could hold significant weight in shaping the boundaries and establishing best practices of the luxury resale market, especially given the rise in trademark infringement allegations by luxury brands. Stay tuned for updates as the trial progresses!

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