When Rabbits Lay Eggs: BRION RAFFOUL’s Favourite Easter Patents

Spring is in the air, and Easter is around the corner.  BRION RAFFOUL LLP is sharing our favourite Easter-related patents as we hop towards our favourite spring holiday.

US Patent No. 1,484,796 – Egg Laying Toy

At a certain age, children become sceptical about the Easter bunny (though they may hide their scepticism to keep the chocolate coming!).  After all, how can a rabbit lay eggs?  This patent for an “egg-laying toy”, filed over a century ago, aims to keep the Easter bunny’s magic alive.

US Patent No. 4,124,135 – Hinged Plastic Easter Egg

One type of Easter egg is always a favourite: an egg with an extra surprise inside!  Whether the egg is chocolate and stuffed with a toy, or a large plastic egg filled with an assortment of candy, this hinged plastic Easter egg is guaranteed to delight the recipient.  However, you may need a very large mechanical rabbit to lay this Easter egg.

Our team at BRION RAFFOUL LLP wishes you a happy Easter!

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