Control Your Dam Beavers

Written by: Christopher Chiavatti – IP Lawyer & Russell Walton – Summer Student

Rampaging Canadian beavers may seem unstoppable, but clever inventors gave a dam and solved the problem.  This Canada Day, we’re showcasing truly Canadian ideas that not only address an environmental issue but also demonstrate that even strange problems can inspire patent development.

Patent CA2518572 discloses a beaver control device designed to prevent beavers from building dams in culvert pipes, which can lead to flooding and washouts. The device, a cone-shaped screen, attaches to the end of a pipe and features a series of rods to allow passage of small debris while preventing beavers from entering. A unique feature of this device ensures that the drainage pipe is securely held in place and that animals cannot dislodge it.

Patent CA1290578 discloses a device that prevents beavers from obstructing water flow channels in man-made structures, such as those in bridges. The device is a cylindrical mesh or screen material that attaches to the upstream end of a conduit.  An additional inverted U-shaped element, made of similar material, overlays a portion of the cylindrical device.  This creates an area into which beavers are reluctant to enter, further preventing dam construction and maintaining water flow.

Patent CA1231063 discloses a moveable guard designed to prevent beavers from entering drainage culverts and constructing dams.  This guard is a flexible grid with a unique ‘tail’ that, when pulled, rolls up the grid, thus dislodging any dam built against it and allowing any backed-up water to swiftly wash away the debris.

When your company solves problems that have been gnawing at you, it’s an opportunity to buck the trend.  Don’t just go with the flow; patent your inventions and bring them into the mainstream.  Enhance your business value and contribute to the richness of Canadian innovation.  Schedule a patent consultation with one of our IP professionals today!