Robot Rumpus: Calgary’s Attabotics Sues Boston’s Urbx for Patent Infringement

Attabotics, a Calgary-based robotics company, is suing Urbx, a Boston-based competitor, for alleged patent infringement.  Both Attabotics and Urbx produce automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) for retailers.  Attabotics has a large patent portfolio, with seven (7) issued US patents and dozens of pending applications throughout the world.  Attabotics’s large patent portfolio allows them to allege many areas of infringement.  In contrast, Urbx has a single pending PCT application in the name of a predecessor company. 

A robust patent portfolio and IP strategy are crucial when defending a company’s IP.  The suit is a strong reminder that Canadian companies should ensure their IP strategy targets their freedom to operate in critical markets around the world.  For more information about developing an IP strategy to help protect and grow your business, please contact our experts at Brion Raffoul.