Patents for a Food Coma and Canadian Thanksgiving!

Canadian Thanksgiving is six weeks ahead of its more famous counterpart in the United States.  This gives Canadians a six-week headstart ahead of festivities south of the US-Canadian border — but we still celebrate with pumpkin pie, (Canadian) football, and of course, plenty of turkey.   In celebration, Brion Raffoul gives thanks for these interesting Thanksgiving-related patents and applications:

US Patent Application US 2021/0298513 Steam Enhanced Roaster

Most of us have been to a Thanksgiving dinner where an overwhelmed host forgot to baste the turkey, resulting an underwhelming, mostly dry bird.  Sadly, more than a few of us have been that unfortunate host.   This roaster pan steams the interior of the turkey with its juices, keeping it tender and juicy without further attention from the cook (or the host!).

US Patent No. 1,687,099: Gravy Percolator

Unfortunately, the steam enhanced roaster does not leave room for stuffing.  This “gravy percolator” automatically bastes the outside of the turkey instead of the inside, thereby leaving room inside for a healthy amount of a not-so-healthy side dish.  

US Patent No. 3,142,577: Process for Forming a Jellied Cranberry Sauce

While cranberry sauce is a must for Thanksgiving, canned cranberry sauce is a polarizing condiment.  Left in its cylindrical form, canned cranberry sauce has been known to cause familial civil wars.  This patent explains how this “interesting” condiment is made.

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