Patents…Are these a joke?

By José Seba and Chris Chiavatti

In honour of April Fools’ Day, Brion Raffoul found some hilarious patents that we just had to share. This is NOT a joke.

US Patent No. 6,637,447: Beerbrella

As we eagerly await a warm summer, visions of beach days and backyard barbecues are filling our dreams.  The Beerbrella aims to keep your cold one cold.

US Patent No. 4,233,942: Animal Ear Protectors

These ear protectors will keep your dog’s ears out of their food while eating.  Good luck getting your dog to wear these, though.

US Patent No. 6,681,419: Forehead Support Apparatus

The inventor describes his invention as providing a solution for “users of urinals and commodes [who] find the duration of the event onerous, possibly made worse by a tired or somewhat incapacitated physical condition”. 

US Patent No. 269,766: Animal-Trap

This mouse trap was left out of the board game, for obvious reasons.  Worryingly, the inventor describes the trap as a variation on “burglar alarms of various kinds”.

US Patent No. 256,265: Device for Waking Persons from Sleep

This device will set you up for quite the rude awakening.  The inventor reassures us that the frame is “not heavy enough to cause pain”.  Mark us down as sceptical.

Brion Raffoul wishes everyone a fun (and safe) April Fools’ Day! Seriously though, for more information please contact our experts at Brion Raffoul.