Natalie Raffoul to speak at LESI Conference

On May 27 at 1:50pm EDT LESI’s Co-Chair, Natalie Raffoul, will be speaking at the 24-hour LESI Virtual Annual Conference. Natalie will be joined by some of the top IP leaders in the world on the Global Challenges for SMEs in B2B Sales panel. Joining Natalie will be; Sam Vise, CEO of Unefi; Dr. Minya Gavrilovic, President and CTO of Baylin Technologies, Galtronics USA; Laurence Jacques, Executive Director Strategic Technologies at MINAFIN GROUP;  Dr. Andre Gorius, Chair of the IP Valuation Committee and  Vice-Chair of High Growth Enterprise (HE) Committee and Darío Mohammadian Santander, IP Consultant at Kukati

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