Premium Legal Service Without Premium Legal Fees

Our number one goal is to offer our clients premium personalized service, on a flat fee basis. Our fee structure enables you to have certainty about costs in advance.  No surprises.  Period.

Global Focus

We are here to assist you with both Canadian and International patent, trademark, copyright, and industrial design matters.  Our network of international associates ensures that all of your IP needs will be met.

Protecting Your Ideas

Ideas matter. Ideas have changed the world and the course of history. YOUR ideas are important not only to you but also to your investors, potential buyers, customers, and even competitors.  Your ideas are the cornerstone of your company, and protecting your ideas is key to selling your product or service, avoiding infringement and carving out your place in a competitive global market. We can help protect your ideas.

Protecting Your Brand

Your brand is a valuable asset. It is how customers differentiate you from your competitors. It embodies the goodwill and reputation you have worked so hard to create. In short, your brand is what sets your business apart.

Protecting your brand makes good business sense. The best way to do this is by registering your trademark. That’s where we come in.