José Seba

Associé principal
[email protected]

José graduated as a Chemical Engineer from the Universidad de Carabobo in Venezuela (UC) in 1999. He has also completed two postgraduate degrees, one in International Business and Energy from Universidad Nacional de Fuerzas Armadas (UNEFA), and the other in International Petroleum Trade and Policy from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV).  

Over the course of his education and work experience in applied sciences, José gained expertise in various chemical engineering fields such as petroleum, food, polymers, fluids, organic chemistry, thermodynamics, environment and energy, as well as oil refining processes including petrochemicals.  José has extensive experience in the petroleum sector, working six years for the Venezuela National Oil Company (PDVSA) in Caracas, which included international postings in Vienna, as well as in London as a Petroleum Analyst.   With his wealth of industry experience, José assists local and international clients in the patenting of technologies in various scientific fields.

José is fluently bilingual in Spanish and English.  He is also proficient in conversational in German.